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How to Replace a Whole String using JavaScript

How to Replace a Whole String using JavaScript

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November 3, 2020

The replace() method operates on a String, returning a new string with the corresponding changes.

Note: JavaScript strings are immutable.


The syntax of the replace() method is as follows:

const newStr = str.replace(pattern, newValue)

  • pattern: This is the pattern to replace. It can be either a String or a regular expression.

If the pattern is a String, the replacement will occur only once, for the first match.

  • newValue: This parameter stores the value to replace the pattern with. It can be a String or a function.

When the newValue parameter is a function, it will be invoked for each match.

To replace the whole string, simply pass in the string you wish to replace as an argument for the first parameter (pattern), and the new string as an argument for the second parameter (newValue):

const str = 'Hello my name is Don and I am a web developer';
const str2 = 'I am Rick and you have learned a new trick...';
const replaceAll = str.replace(str, str2);
//Expected output: I am Rick and you have learned a new trick...

To learn more about String.replace() check out this link.


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