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Code documentation: Types, tools, and challenges
April 1, 2024
7 -min read
What is code documentation? Code documentation is like a road map for a software project.…
8 code documentation tools you must know about
March 20, 2024
7 -min read
What are code documentation tools?  Code documentation tools enable developers to generate and maintain documentation.…
Documentation as code: Principles, workflow, and challenges
March 7, 2024
7 -min read
What is documentation as code?  Documentation as code (DaC) is a development philosophy that treats…
Code refactoring principles, techniques, and automation with generative AI
February 28, 2024
10 -min read
What is code refactoring?  Code refactoring is the process of restructuring existing computer code without…
Unit testing vs. integration testing: 6 key differences
December 14, 2023
5 -min read
What is unit testing?  Unit testing is a software testing method where individual components or…
AI for engineers: Implementation, challenges, and best practices
December 6, 2023
6 -min read
In our rapidly evolving technological landscape, AI has emerged as a crucial catalyst for growth…
Intro to large language models: Architecture and examples
October 29, 2023
8 -min read
A gentle intro to large language models: architecture and examples What are large language models? …
GitHub Copilot vs. Amazon CodeWhisperer: Features and Differences
October 28, 2023
6 -min read
GitHub Copilot vs. Amazon CodeWhisperer Auto-completion tools are the ABC of increased productivity for developers.…
AI coding assistant: No-fluff guide to tech, features, and best practices
August 20, 2023
12 -min read
What is an AI code assistant?  As the name suggests, an AI coding assistant is…
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