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Announcing Tabnine GitLab integration

Announcing Tabnine GitLab integration

Brandon Jung /
2 minutes /
March 2, 2022

We are incredibly excited to announce Tabnine’s partnership with GitLab. This new integration will give millions of Tabnine and GitLab users the ability to easily create private custom AI models trained on code from their GitLab repositories, coding conventions, and best practices. 

All development teams using gitlab.com can now benefit from a personalized Tabnine AI assistant trained on their GitLab repositories. 

For Tabnine, this is another big step in integrating its core technology with leading dev tools such as GitLab. We are committed to the global developer community and engineering teams of all sizes and stacks, and as such see this is a natural step forward in accommodating our solutions to everyone, anywhere.

The Tabnine partnership builds on GitLab’s already strong foundation of developer-centric integrations. GitLab has a well-deserved reputation for providing everything professional development teams need to deliver cutting-edge code. 

With the Tabnine-GitLab integration, you can use your team’s code repositories hosted on GitLab to train a private AI model that code, and benefit from AI assistance that’s tailored to your team’s code patterns and best practices.

How to get started:

  1. As a Tabnine for Teams user login to AI Code Completions for Developers & Teams | Tabnine 
  2. Navigate to the “Team AI” tab
  3. Connect to your GitLab repositories
  4. Tabnine will build, test, and upload your private team model
  5. Enjoy your personalized Tabnine AI assistant

Tabnine is thrilled to provide a GitLab integration experience for all of our current developers and we look forward to helping the millions of GitLab users experiencing Tabnine’s AI assistant for the first time.