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Introducing Tabnine for Teams

Introducing Tabnine for Teams

Dror Weiss /
2 minutes /
August 4, 2021

We are thrilled to announce Tabnine for Teams. This update marks a major milestone on our journey to deliver a top-to-bottom AI-assisted development workflow for individual developers, as well as teams.

The most common reaction we hear from developers using Tabnine is how amazed they are with Tabnine’s ability to learn and adapt to their personal styles and coding patterns.

The second most common reaction we hear is “Can you make Tabnine work for teams?” This has always been the next logical step in Tabnine’s evolution. After all, developers working in a team are using the same project-specific modules, APIs, code patterns, and conventions, so what the AI learns from each one of them is very likely useful for the rest of the team when working in the same context.

Tabnine now helps teams create high-quality software together faster and more consistently. With Tabnine, teams can get code suggestions tuned for their specific project patterns and conventions, thanks to models that adapt to the code that the team members write and the suggestions they accept or reject.

Create your team now, and add teammates at my.tabnine.com

Under the Hood
Tabnine is built from three AI engines working in conjunction to provide the best coding assistant for teams:

  • Team Trained AI (Optional – Trained & run locally or on cloud)
    Trained on your team’s projects, preferences, and patterns. Every interaction improves AI accuracy.
  • Private Codebase Trained AI (Trained & run locally)
    Trained privately on your local code. Learns from every line of code you and your team create
  • Open-Source Trained AI (Runs locally or on cloud)
    Trained on more than 1 billion lines of trusted open-source code with permissive licenses

The Private Codebase Trained AI (available now for all users) and Team Trained AI (gradual rollout) work in conjunction to provide the best team-specific assistance to developers.

Absolute Privacy
Tabnine is designed to serve teams and organizations with strict code confidentiality policies. Tabnine allows every customer to choose whether they want to use our cloud service or run in a completely local setup with self-hosting so that no code leaves your network.

Whether you choose cloud or self-hosted architecture, everything Tabnine learns from you stays completely private and available to your authorized team members only.

We are all incredibly excited about adding team collaboration to our Basic, Pro, and Business Tabnine plans. Team collaboration will continue to be a major focus for us moving forward, so expect to see the product evolve quickly over the next few months. Thanks for joining us on this first step! Now is a great time to get started with Tabnine for Teams.