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Kyle Simpson (@getify) is partnering with Tabnine to expand our developer empowerment program

Kyle Simpson (@getify) is partnering with Tabnine to expand our developer empowerment program

Dror Weiss /
2 minutes /
August 4, 2020

I’m super excited to announce that Kyle Simpson, AKA @getify across social media and dev platforms, is today joining forces with Tabnine to expand our Developer Empowerment Program – allowing software developers to leverage AI to code faster and better.

Who is Kyle?

If you do know JavaScript, then you probably already know 🙂

Kyle is one of the most outspoken voices in pushing developers to understand their tools and their craft more deeply. He’s written 10 books with over 200,000 copies sold worldwide, and his online courses have been watched for nearly 700,000 hours. He’s spoken at over 150 events in 24 countries across 6 continents, and he’s taught more than 5,000 developers face-to-face. His passion for broadening and deepening developers’ skills is unmatched.

Sharing a mutual vision – to empower developers

As we began engaging and partnering with leading figures in the dev community, we approached Kyle to ask for some advice, and also to see if he may be interested in collaborating.

We instantly realized that we share a very similar grand vision. Both Tabnine and Kyle are big believers in the open-source web, in building better tools for software developers and in empowering them with the best technology the world has to offer. 

Kyle has helped hundreds of thousands of developers learn JavaScript through his books, courses, code, and talks. He’s also worked with dozens of companies to help their R&D teams work better together and is an influencing figure on many topics around evolving technology.

Sharing a mutual vision and an overall philosophy on how AI will empower software developers, both sides felt like we have a very strong basis for an official relationship. The future of the web as we know it is changing rapidly, and we can’t be happier with having Kyle on board, to help us scale up our engagement with the community, sharing our knowledge and insights, and getting feedback from developers who use our products. 

As Kyle himself wrote here on his blog post: I admit I became quite intrigued as I discovered their core philosophies are so well aligned with my own: to leverage knowledge and technology to empower people (developers) to achieve more.

What to expect?

As we launch our Developer Empowerment Program, stay tuned for Kyle:

  • Sharing his combined knowledge on building software, solving problems and using AI in the mix
  • Hosting conversations with interesting people from the global dev community
  • Writing opinionated blog posts
  • Speaking in virtual events and conferences
  • Helping developers and R&D teams unlock the power of AI in coding tools
  • Engaging you, the community, to hear your feedback and help us improve your coding experience with Tabnine

For the JavaScript community in particular, this is a double treat. Not only will @getify continue to preach and teach JavaScript in all its glory, but now he will also spice it up with AI and Machine Learning and see where it all fits in and how it helps you know JS even better.

We can’t wait to see Kyle bring  Tabnine and the global community of software developers together, ensuring your feedback helps us empower you and stretch AI beyond its limits.

Welcome Kyle!

Dror Weiss, 

Tabnine CEO.