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Let’s talk about generative AI

Let’s talk about generative AI

Tabnine Team /
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January 23, 2023

What does the future hold for generative AI in software development?

The field of generative AI, featuring models like ChatGPT, is rapidly expanding in the realm of software development, potentially changing the way we tackle coding and problem-solving.

Tabnine recently held a Twitter space discussion on generative AI, with CTO Eran Yahav and moderation by Lisa Zigel. The topics covered included the current status of generative AI in software development, the emergence of models like ChatGPT, potential future uses, and how AI gives developers superpowers!

Other subjects discussed included the definition of software engineering, AI in the different stages of the SDLC, and the important role that AI will place in code review and testing. 

Eran Yahav, the head of technology at Tabnine and a computer science professor at the Technion in Israel, is an expert in areas such as program synthesis, machine learning in code, program analysis, and verification. He’s recently spoken about the major effects of AI in software development and automating processes. To learn more about incorporating AI into your software development team, visit Tabnine Enterprise.