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Tabnine partners with Gitpod

Tabnine partners with Gitpod

Tabnine Team /
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October 6, 2021

As developers, we’re always looking for ways to be more productive. Adding efficiency is great, pairing that efficiency with fun, flexible, and frictionless development creates an unbeatable experience. Tabnine’s AI assistant helps you breeze through daily dev work with code completions that eliminate tedious repetitive typing tasks. And like any good assistant, Tabnine works wherever and whenever you do – In all the languages you love, and all the developer environments you count on. 

So, when Tabnine finds a like-minded company that shares our passion for endlessly improving the development experience, we jump on the opportunity to collaborate. Today we are excited to announce Tabnine’s partnership with Gitpod.

Gitpod puts an end to brittle, high-maintenance developer environments and spins up fresh automated dev environments for each task in the cloud, in seconds. It takes fun, frictionless development to the next level and makes ‘works on my machine’ problems a thing of the past. With their zero-install, one-click developer environments, Gitpod’s ‘keep it effortless’ ethos encompasses their entire workflow, including the ability to add VS Code extensions like Tabnine to your Gitpod project and share those projects with colleagues and clients.

At Tabnine, innovation and collaboration are at the core of who we are and what we do, and we’re thrilled to partner with companies like Gitpod that share our commitment. 

Getting Started

Give Tabnine & Gitpod a try now and join the nearly half-million devs that trust Gitpod to deliver instant task-specific automated workspaces, in the cloud, from any Git context. 

It’s as easy as selecting one of these templates and pressing the open in Gitpod button: 

Want to add Tabnine to an existing Gitpod project? Go ahead and install it in with a single click.