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We’ve raised $12M to continue helping you create better software

We’ve raised $12M to continue helping you create better software

Dror Weiss /
2 minutes /
April 26, 2020

Today we’re announcing Codota’s recent financing of $12M. I’d like to thank our new and existing investors e.ventures, Khosla Ventures, TPY Capital, and Hetz Ventures for this vote of confidence – we’re fortunate to have such great partners.

While this financing is obviously exciting news for us as a company, we humbly believe it is also very good news for millions of software developers and teams; this investment enables us to double down on making software development better with Artificial Intelligence. Our focus remains on smoothly integrating into the development workflow, making development more productive, less error-prone, and I even daresay more fun.

Concretely here’s what you can expect from Codota and Tabnine going forward:

  • Smarter AI: Following the acquisition of Tabnine, we have both semantic and textual models of code. We’re improving each one individually, but also gradually combining them to a unified predictive model that’s far superior to any of them alone. We now have early versions of combined predictions for both JavaScript and Java on IntelliJ and WebStorm.
  • Better performance: few things are more annoying than having your editor lag when you write code. Even for a split second, we know. It is a priority for us to make sure this never happens, and to get resource consumption more moderate.
  • Improved user experience: sometimes we do things that look intuitive to us, at the moment, but then it turns out not that intuitive to other people who have to use them (ahem, looking at you Tabnine::config). We’ll continue to work to polish the experience and remove rough edges
  • Team specific model and recommended/discouraged code: we started baby-steps for this – the ability to not just consume the AI trained on open source, but to have Codota adjust to how you and your team write code and become the de-facto source of truth of code best practices for projects, but one that is actually reflected in the AI assistance. If this sounds like something that can help your team or organization harmonize development we’d love to talk.
  • Continued attention to privacy and security: we’ll continue to keep the security and privacy of our users and their code a top priority and be transparent about what is done with your data.using
  • Free and paid plans: Both Codota and Tabnine will continue to have valuable free-forever plans while offering paid plans for larger teams, codebases, and advanced features.
  • Plugins for additional editors: we’re encouraging plugin authors to create plugins to the editors they care about. We’ll try to make it easier and more fun to do that, and promote community plugins

And that’s only the beginning. We plan to bring AI to more aspects of the software development cycle in the future.

I’d like to thank all our Codota and Tabnine users around the globe for using and recommending our products, and for telling us what to fix and how to make it better – please keep it up!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned 🙂

Dror Weiss,