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Announcing our next-generation AI models

Announcing our next-generation AI models

Dror Weiss /
2 minutes /
June 15, 2022

Today, I’m excited to make a few important announcements:

1,000,000+ developers use Tabnine!

I’m happy to share that Tabnine is successfully automating 30% (and often >40%) of the code created by over 1,000,000 developers. I would like to thank our fantastic user community. One million developers is massive, but as we’re confident that all developers will use AI in the near future, you are the early adopters of AI technology for creating higher quality software faster. Your trust and feedback drive us to push the limits of what’s possible, taking Tabnine to a new and exciting technology foundation.

Tabnine’s new code-native AI models enable whole-line, full-function code completions, and natural language-to-code completions.

Over the past year, we have completely revamped our AI models as well as our approach to integrating new models into the platform. As opposed to a monolithic approach that mandates a single AI model, Tabnine now supports any compatible AI model for providing guidance to developers. 

In fact, Tabnine now uses a family of a dozen of code-native models. The new code-native models are trained from the ground-up on code (vs. models pre-trained on text and retro-fitted to learn code). Each of these models is optimized from its basic “vocabulary” to fit a specific language and domain, thus using the entire learning capacity of the model for the relevant code patterns. Our code-native models improve Tabnine by providing better precision and a 5x increase in the length of suggestions. 

Tabnine’s AI models run on a powerful GPU cluster to predict the code for you. We can’t wait for you to try it!

With the new AI models, Tabnine can contextually complete whole lines of code and even full functions, as well as generate code based on natural language description in comments. This functionality is now available for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and 7 other languages as a part of Tabnine Pro using the Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs.



The new models are now used for predicting full lines and snippets of code, and we’ll be gradually rolling them out also for better precision and length than the current mid-line code completion available in Tabnine Starter.

Launching Tabnine Pro

We’ve included the new line completion and snippet completion functionality in our new Pro plan, which is now our recommended plan for professional developers. The new Pro plan also allows customers of 3+ team members to train the AI model on the code in their GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket repositories.

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New financing round

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve raised a new financing round of $15.5M to fuel our growth and accelerate our journey to craft the software development experience of the future.

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