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Big news for Tabnine and Visual Studio!

Big news for Tabnine and Visual Studio!

Tabnine Team /
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October 20, 2021

September and October have been huge months for the Tabnine community, with support for several new IDEs added, including Eclipse, Rider, JupyterLab, AppCode, and DataGrip. Now we’re moving into fall with our biggest IDE addition yet, Visual Studio

According to the Top IDE Index, Visual Studio is the most popular IDE by far, racking up 28.65% of all Google searches, more than Eclipse and Visual Studio Code combined. Adding Visual Studio to Tabnine’s lineup of supported IDEs will allow us to serve a massive new segment of the community.

Visual Studio’s collaboration and customization options make it a favorite among large development teams. Our recent launch of Tabnine for Teams allows us to offer team-specific contextual code completions elevating your team’s development experience.

With more major players entering the AI-assisted code completion space this year, and the increasing demand from developers for team-friendly tools, we thought it was the perfect time to add Visual Studio to Tabnine’s growing list of supported development environments.

Tabnine is thrilled to offer all Visual Studio users access to the industry’s leading AI code completion assistant. Breeze through your daily dev work with code completions that eliminate tedious, repetitive typing tasks and elevate the entire development experience for you and your team.