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Tabnine Enterprise supports single sign-on (SSO)

Tabnine Enterprise supports single sign-on (SSO)

Tabnine Team /
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July 16, 2023

Tabnine Enterprise supports SSO

We’re excited to announce that Tabnine Enterprise self-hosted now supports single sign-on (SSO) functionality, marking a significant enhancement to our platform. SSO integration streamlines the authentication process for your users by connecting Tabnine to your existing identity provider. This means your team members can access Tabnine with the same credentials they use for other applications, enhancing security and convenience. The setup process for SAML SSO can be found in our official Docs section on Tabnine’s website.

Tabnine is the ultimate option for software development teams seeking to integrate artificial intelligence into their processes.

With Tabnine Enterprise, you can automate repetitive coding tasks and produce high-quality, industry-standard code, detect errors more quickly, fix bugs faster, and onboard new codebases faster with Enterprise navigation. Using Tabnine Enterprise, you can run the model on-premises or in a virtual private cloud (VPC), ensuring full control over your data and infrastructure. Experience seamless and secure authentication with Tabnine Enterprise, empowering your development workflow like never before. For more information on how Tabnine Enterprise can benefit your organization, feel free to contact our enterprise expert and book a demo.