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Tabnine for Visual Studio 2022 is now generally available

Tabnine for Visual Studio 2022 is now generally available

Tabnine Team /
2 minutes /
September 18, 2023

Tabnine’s support for Visual Studio 2022 (Windows) has now been officially launched! Visual Studio 2022 users working with C++, C#, or any other language can now seamlessly integrate Tabnine’s AI assistant into their workflow. Furthermore, Tabnine Chat (beta) support is accessible to all users, allowing for natural and flexible interactions with Tabnine AI models directly within the IDE.

Tabnine for Visual Studio is available on Visual Studio Marketplace and enhances your coding experience with advanced features, including contextual code suggestions, while prioritizing the security and privacy of your code.

Tabnine is a secure AI coding companion that’s suitable for both individual developers and entire tech teams. It’s accessible to SaaS users on Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans, as well as to customers using private installations.

Streamline your coding workflow with Tabnine for Visual Studio, available on Visual Studio Marketplace.

For enterprises looking to integrate AI into their software development process, Tabnine Enterprise is an excellent option, offering contextual code suggestions that can boost your productivity by streamlining repetitive coding tasks and producing high-quality, industry-standard code. 

Tabnine code suggestions are based on large language models that are exclusively trained on credible open source licenses with permissive licensing. Moreover, with Tabnine Enterprise, you have the flexibility to run the model on-premises or on a virtual private cloud (VPC), ensuring that you maintain full control over your data and infrastructure. This means you can leverage the power of Tabnine while complying with your enterprise’s data security policies. 

For more information on how Tabnine Enterprise can benefit your organization, contact our enterprise expert.