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Tabnine raises $25M Series B funding to continue innovating in generative AI tools for developers

Tabnine raises $25M Series B funding to continue innovating in generative AI tools for developers

Dror Weiss /
3 minutes /
November 8, 2023

Atlassian Ventures and Telstra Ventures come on as investors to help Tabnine bring AI to all aspects of software development

By Dror Weiss, Co-Founder & CEO

Tabnine is excited to announce that we’ve raised $25M in our latest financing round, led by Telstra Ventures and participation from new investor Atlassian. We’ll use these funds to build on our history of innovation, delivering ever more capable and efficient AI-powered products to accelerate and simplify the work of developers and engineering teams in a secure, private, compliant, and ethical way.

The entire team here at Tabnine would like to thank you, all of our users and customers, who brought us to where we are today. As the first company that delivered an AI coding assistant  — now with more than 5 years of history accelerating software development — we’re humbled to see how far this revolution has come for Tabnine and for the industry at large. Tabnine is not only the innovator of this exciting new category, but is also the largest independent company focused on AI for software development. As of today, Tabnine is serving more than one million developers, generating more than 1% of the world’s code, and typically automating 30-50% of code generation. By automating away mundane and repetitive tasks, we have not only saved engineering teams millions of hours of time spent, but have freed up developers to concentrate on more interesting, more valuable, and more rewarding work.  

But that’s still just the start, for us and for the industry. The future of AI has never been more exciting. In this future, we believe that AI will mature from the potent assistant it is today to a complete platform that underpins and accelerates our SDLC. As software developers, we’re going to interact with AI at an entirely different level in the coming years, and how we manage and guide AI tools will become the primary method to determine how our software behaves. Users will mature from simply “prompting” an AI system to having meaningful bidirectional conversations with AI agents. Our AI tools will mature and evolve to truly understand what we’re trying to accomplish; not only the “how,” but also the “what” and “why.” We’re about to enter an exciting era where the vast majority of our software is created by artificial intelligence based on the vision and guidance engineering teams provide.

In that new and exciting world, Tabnine will continue to provide solutions built for experienced developers and serious engineering teams. Our most important guiding principle at Tabnine is customer control, and that will continue to be a priority to serve you best:

  • Privacy: You choose where and how to deploy Tabnine (SaaS, VPC, or on-premises) to maximize control over your intellectual property, and you can rest easy knowing that Tabnine never stores or shares your company’s code.
  • Personalization: Tabnine delivers an optimized experience for your specific development team; it’s context-aware, can be tuned to recommend based on your standards, and includes the option of bespoke models trained on your codebases. You control the AI; what code it generates and what code is allowed is critical for our customers.
  • Compliance: Tabnine is trained exclusively on open source code with permissive licenses, ensuring that our customers are never exposed to legal liability.
  • Choice: While other players build a monolithic stack based on their product suite, Tabnine works with all IDEs and SCMs, and can be deployed on every cloud. Moreover, we plan to have Tabnine pluggable into any compatible LLM the customer may have (bring your own model).

Generative AI is fundamentally changing the software development lifecycle. These new tools have the potential to bring a wave of automation and simplification that will make the methods we use today look antiquated and unnecessary. Tabnine has spent years working with development teams to bring this vision to life, and we’re excited to use this latest round of investment to help all of you create software faster, do more interesting work, and be happier in your every day

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your engineering team, or visit our Careers page if you want to join us in building this exciting new future.